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SPM ~ fighting !


hay ho hello peeps ;DD last paper xD harhar 8D menarik sungguh lawak ke der 

actually just want to says i miss someone :')

i miss to talk with you - i miss to joking with you 

i miss to laughing with you - i miss to teasing you 

i miss all of that :') don't you know that ? i guess you don't know bout that :/

hmm . lemmeh guess something ._. you don't even miss me right ? 

not even thinking about me right ? am i right ? i guess so :') 

even though i know that you not supposed to think or miss me 

but i do miss you so much :') really ............

and i know something that i'm not you're friend right ? hmm ~

why am i being like this ? always thinking to be friend with you as usual .

that's not gonna be happen right ? or maybe you will not let that happen again :') 

i know i'm not yours good friend . i knew it from your act to someone .

she's your true friend right ? ~ i hate to said this ~ but ... I REALLY MISS YOU ...

p/s : tadi aku ternampak gelang ni masa susun-2 buku :') sumpah aku rindu kau ~

Friday, April 27, 2012 (6:23 AM)