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SPM ~ fighting !

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I still cannot erase you
I keep thinking about you
I really miss you
 I cannot sleep at all at night
The sound of the raindrops hitting on the window of my heart
The place that you left
I really miss you
 And I cannot sleep at all at night

 The view of your back, leaving me on this rainy road
Because I couldn't do anything again,
I regret it again everyday. I'm sorry,
I pray, I want you to be back.
I can't. I can't stand it. I cannot stand a day without you.
My tears are falling again.
Will I be able to forget you ? When will I be like that till ?

I keep thinking of you at night, I cannot sleep
Why did I turn on this love show
The distance between us has increased
I was the servant of this love
Why did we fight ? Why were we like that ?
Did you lose the sight ? We used to be in love.
Why am I stuck in this moment ? The one I need is you, silly. 

You, drooping your shoulders
You, taking a rest on the ground
You, hitting your chest in frustration
You, praying to the heavens with your hands clasped
I think of you getting up. Let's forget and erase all our bad memories. 
How would you ? I cannot say anything besides 'I'm sorry'.

 You and I, don't cut our cord.
Don't deny our r²π
Come to me, everything is fine now.
We will start everything over, over again.

Saturday, April 16, 2011 (10:09 PM)