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Anaa for short . Fabulous girl
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SPM ~ fighting !


LISTEN BOY ! MY LOVE STORY :)) MY ANGLE AND MY GIRL >.< MY SUNSHINE <3OH ! OH ! LET'S GO ~HWAITING :]] do you know him ? him ? NUGA ? WOOYOUNG OPPA ? don't you know him ?okay then i tell you who is he <3 firstly ,, he is my beautiful korean boy right now .. do you know why ?because of he is so COOL,,HANDSOME,,CUTE and whatever will he be >.< .he is from 2PM GROUP :)) not only B2ST i also like 2PM ~ wae ? because they are so cutie mutie ! yess ,,especially ,, WOOYOUNG OPPA <3 WOOYOUNG also acting in a DRAMA that call 'DREAM HIGH' ..i like him so much in that DRAMA :)) he is so COOL whenever he says something in ENGLISH~ :: i'm just saying mine is you have any problem with it?? :: did't you believe me that WOOYOUNG OPPA is so COOL in this DRAMA ?so check it by yourself >.< hee ~ but ,, i heard about 'DREAM HIGH' is going to END next week ! O.M.G ! is this real ?or fake ?hmm ..that mean i must be MISS at this DRAMA so much :(( i can't never see WOOYOUNG OPPA MAKNAE FACE always :(( so sad !but i will always remember you OPPA <3 YAGSOG ! SARANGHEYO OPPA WOOYOUNG :)) kamsahamnida coz read my LOVE STORY :)) hee~AHHN NIYONG !TTO B[W]A - YO ~
Thursday, March 10, 2011 (3:46 AM)